onsdag den 5. august 2009

Who is Julie?

Hi :-)

Just thought that I wanted to do a little introduction to myself and the world of Julie.

As mentioned I am 22 years old and from Denmark, living in the capital Copenhagen. I live with my boyfriend through the last 4 years, who luckily eats (almost) anything put in front of him! Although I am what you would call a fulltime student, currently doing my Master Thesis in biotechnology, I also work three jobs to fullfill some of my passions other than food, adding up to around 50 hours a week on good weeks, 80 hours when I'm running high.

I am on a journey to follow my passions and fill up my life with beautiful thoughts, people and occupations. I practice yoga, which I love more than any other exercise, doing it not only for the sake of my physical health, but also to enrich my mental life, and make sure that I am relaxed and satisfied mentally. I also practice the five Tibethans once in a while, making sure that my exercise is decided by spontanious thinking, and doing whatever I feel like at the moment. I run when I feel like it, use my skipping rope when I feel like it, swim when I feel like it, and go for a walk when I feel like it. I bike to and from work/school, 12 km each way, making 24 km a day. I used to do elite sports, on a Danish National Team, but unfortunately I got a shoulder injury which I am still struggling with today, three years after quitting.
If I don't feel like exercising one day, or if I want to take the train for work - then I do it! I'm not to be bothered by a bad consious for not working out, as I trust my body to tell me what I need, and when I need it. As you will be seing from my post on my cooking and eating habits, I eat rather healthy and make sure to listen to my body. It has taken a long time to get to where I am now, being able to respond to myself, and listen to what me and my body has to say, and I am still struggling in some areas of my life, but altogether I believe that a passionate life is all about listening to your insticts. I'm meditating in my search for calmness and quietness, and painting mandalas as part of a creative process. That being said, I'm all for wathing Sex and the City, having dinner on the couch, and simply just vegging out with friends - just not all the time :-)

It is quite hard to describe myself like this, as I find that I am - as anyone else - quite a complex person. I take it that you will just have to get to know me better as we go along!

Have a wonderful day!


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