onsdag den 14. april 2010

Apple snack

One of my favourite snacks at all times (when I'm not craving chocolate or salted nuts) is lemon apples. They are so easy to make, tastes amazing and keep for two-three days in the fridge. The sour and yet flavourful lemon along with the sweet and crisp apple is perfect for snacking on throughout the day.

Lemon apples
1 (organic) apple
½ (organic) lemon

Zest the lemon and put zest and juice in a bowl. Cut up the apple into very thin pieces. Mix everything thoroughly, cover the bowl and leave in the fridge for an hour marinating. You can however eat them straight away if you want to. Either drain apples from the leftover lemon juice, or simply leave it all together, depending on how sour you like the outside of the apples to be. Eat and enjoy!
You can mix a bit of pure vanilla powder in the lemon juice for an even more candy-like taste. 

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  1. mhhhh...... det ser virkelig godt ud vil prøve nogle af dem :-) ville gerne have opdaget din blog før!