tirsdag den 13. april 2010

I'm back!

It's been way too long since I last wrote on this blog, but now I am determined to start over. Throughout time, these pages will be filled with wonderful food, recipes, thoughts on health, how i exercise and my way general of living. I believe in giving my body the best possible fuel, and even though I sometimes splurge with sugar and dairy in amounts that would most likely grooss you out, my everyday life is filled with wholesome, loving and beautiful food. Because I believe that you are what you eat, in more than one sense.

I will try to post as many of my meals as possible, even though I might not get them all photographed. I will have to get used to that though, as I love a lot of photographs!

I will also keep posting on my other blog StressStories, which you find here (in Danish and English)

Have a wonderful day!

Just wanted to leave you with a picture of my homemade Danish rye-bread - to die for!

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