onsdag den 14. april 2010

For my love of food

I love food! And not just in that I like to eat it, no I LOVE FOOD! I love to eat it, cook it, talk about it, read about it, watch movies about it, I love to shop, taste, feel and smell food. I would say that around 20 percent of my daily thoughts work around food in some way or another, if not more. And I love all kinds of different food! I have one requirement though. To truly love it, it has to be homemade, wholesome and taste incredible. I am fascinated my chefs like Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, to see the passion they put into food. And even more by Jamie than by Nigella, as I tend to think that Nigella actually sometimes uses too much pre-packaged stuff. Of Danish chefs I have a profound respect for Nikolaj Kirk and Oscar Umahro Cadogan. I have a passion for food that few people understand, and I must admit that I can bore people to death with my talk of the latest recipe I cooked :-)

I like to discover new food and I like to eat what my body tells me to eat. Because even though I like almost every kind of food, and practically can get an orgasm from eating a really rich chocolate mousse cake, I also believe that my body should have the best conditions possible to live under. Therefore, I would say that I eat really healthy 80 percent of the time, and when I indulge in my last 20 percent, it's with organic, wholesome, homemade, and sometimes also quite healthy, food. Yes I sometimes end up at McDonalds. Sometimes meaning like once a year. I am by no means a fanatic about what I eat, and I would never ever compromise taste for healthy eating! I just find things I enjoy just as much as the "unhealthy" stuff.

When I put unhealthy in citation marks, it is because I have one problem with the entire health movement. And that is how most articles, interviews, TV-programmes etc. tend to leave out the most important thing, which is the quality of the life you live! If I were to live a life where I was constantly watching what I was eating, never allowing myself the things that are perhaps not good to my body but for my mind and soul, I would be miserable. That is why I bake cakes and blend up amazing chocolate drinks. Yes I do choose to bake some of my cakes with dates instead of sugar, I make raw chocolate with raw agave nectar instead of indulging in regular chocolate everyday. But I do by no means feel deprived, since I try to have my focus on what I do love to eat, which doesn't fuck up my body. So even though something might be unhealthy for your body in medical terms, it can for sure be so very healthy for you and your mind.

Too much sugar fuck up my body AND mind. That is whether it is too many dates, too much processed white sugar or too much agave nectar. And I know, that in order to feel my best, I need to find a way in which I can feel maximum happiness, and that doesn't include too much sugar. But when it's my birthday, I whip up cakes resembling those from La Glace and enjoy every minute of it. I hope that you will follow my adventures in cooking up both these parts of my life!

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