søndag den 18. april 2010

Strawberries with mascarpone topping

After finishing my dinner last night, I found that it was one of those days where dessert was in order. I spend the day at my parents house, and my mother was preparing tiramisu in the morning, which gave me an insane craving for mascarpone creme! And luckily I got ½ tub of mascarpone cheese from my mother when I left in the afternooon :-)

I simply took 100 g of frozen, unsweetened strawberries and thawed in the microwave, mashing them with a fork and added a bit of pure vanilla powder. Alongside the strawberries, I whipped up a creme of 60 g mascarpone (1/4 tub), 2 tsp agave nectar, ½ pasteurized egg yolk and some pure vanilla powder. First you whip the egg yolk with the agave nectar until it get white and airy. Then you mix in the mascarpone and season to taste with vanilla. Add a dollop on top of the strawberries - dessert completed!


P.S. If you think that the creme is too hard (mine was a bit), simply add some more egg yolk.

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