tirsdag den 13. april 2010

Salad with scallops

This morning I initially had decided on having a day of all raw food. I've done this before and love it when my body's in the mood for it. However, as lunch was approaching, I found that I needed at least some cooked vegetables, and some more protein.

I found some leftover scallops in the freezer, and cooked then with a bit of garlic. Roasted some egg-plant and asparagus (only slightly), and started assembling my salad, which ended up looking like this

Baby spinach, fresh tomatoes, egg-plant, asparagus, scallops, maldon sea salt and lemon juice

It was fantastic! I love how the crunchy spinach works against the soft, garlicky scallops and the soft-in-the-middle-crispy-on-the-outside egg-plant and asparagus. I'll leave you with some more pictures, before I finish a bit of work and job-applications, and go running in Copenhagen. The weather is starting to get really beautiful, so I might as well get going!

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  1. Julie, that meal looks delicious!! I wish it was lunch time :)